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May 18, 2006



If you had to do it all again, would you do anything different? I realize that's a challenging question, because...in the end, you ended up where you were working towards. However, now that you have worked past and through so much...how would you sum it up?...just trying to figure out some of my own things and SO much of what you say seems the same...I agree with much of what you say about people, relationships and love...and just wonder...when you are the one who believes and knows and the other one is working on catching up...how much time do you give?...


You work on things as long as you want to. As long as you are able and choose to without making yourself miserable. You stop when you reach a point where you see no hope, or where the relationship hurts/disappoints/etc. you more than it makes you happy. You walk away when you can do so knowing YOU did everything you could and yet things still felt "broken" most of the time.

At least, that's when I was able to let go.


PS...or is it PC (post comment)? :)

Irish, THANK YOU, as well. I appreciate and agree, whole heartedly, with your response...I can handle broken, as I think if two people are committed--broken can be repaired...I guess I just want to know before it's...shattered. I would rather realize what I am in and appreciate that he helped me get ready for the one I am meant to be with. Quite simply, I am hoping to know the hindsight before I am looking back...or really...how it's going to end...and..., it just doesn't work that way...additionally, as you pointed out...I want to give everything I have (well, besides my self-respect)...to know I tried. I have always been one to follow my gut and although it doesn't feel right walking away I think sometimes it's better to look at what we want the end to look like and ask...is what I am doing going to get me there? By the way, love your blog!

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