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May 15, 2006



If I were truly in your life, I'd probably be one of those doomsayers; I am FIERCELY protective of my friends, and I am a person who believes that, for me, at least, any guy who doesn't KNOW, unequivocally, I'm the right girl is, ergo, the wrong guy for me (but honestly, I'm not even sure that's an accurate characterization of P, it sounds like you have both known there was something special there from Day 1, despite his inability/unwillingess to act on it, immediately).

That being said, I've enjoyed reading your adventures for some time and feel that I know you to be a very intelligent, mature person, and it DOES seem that P is finally doing something he has not done before: commit. Because of that difference, I'll let myself be excited for you ;-) That is truly truly exciting!!

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